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Design Office in the Philippines


Location:               Cebu City, Philippines

Manager:                Mr. Neil Pepito

                                         Mechanical Engineer

 Nature of Business:

                            3D Modeling for Plastic Injection Mold; Mold Design

                            Making 3D models from 2D product drawings

                            Making Mold Models from 3D and 2D drawings

                            Making Electrode models

                            Making Simple 2D Mold Construction and Design


                            2002/ 05             Employment and Education

                            2004/ 11             Start of Business Operations

                            2005/ 4              Employee increased to 2 persons


        3D CAD              TOOLS         Mold Modeling                            2 sets

        2D CAD              ANDOR        Mold Design                               1 set

        PC                   Administration and Communication

        PC; DSL Internet Connection                                        1 set

    FAX                                                                                    1 pc

         SCANNER                                                                            1 pc


The Company’s Goal:

At present, the Design Office in the Philippines does business with the Design Section of Inagaki Plastic Mold.The Office operations are carried out by only two 29-year old Technical Staff. It is our goal that with their efforts and through them, Japan is provided with quality jobs at a reasonable price. Furthermore, it is also our aim to develop these highly skilled individuals to be capable of accepting design orders from overseas. In the future, we hope that through the Design Office in Cebu, the Japanese Mold Design Section will be continually provided with the necessary assistance by producing high quality and reasonable outputs. And while having this aim, we hope to contribute to the improvement of the Global/International business as well.



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