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Inagaki Plastic Mold Co., Ltd.

  3-6-33 Toyoda Suruga-ku Shizuoka-City 422-8027 Japan  

  Tel: 054-281-3605  Fax: 054-281-3606

Our company makes plastic injection molds for car parts.

The molds we are making weighs from 30kg to 3,000kg.  

It's maximum 500tons  as for a capacity of the  injection machine size. 

Company's History
Apr.1947 Inagaki Tools was established in Kutunoya-Shizuoka City to produce agricultural tools.
Oct.1952 We began making plastic molds for new material.
Feb.1963 Company was incorporated and named "Inagaki Kanagata Co. Ltd.".
Oct.1963 We moved our head office and mold making shop to Utoh-Shizuoka City.
Jun.1973 New mold making shop (1000u) was constructed and Capital increased to 10.5million yen.
Jul. 1977 To rationalize mold processing, auto programming soft-ware and NC milling machines ware installed.
Apr.1986 2D-CAD system was installed for mold design.
Jun.1992 3D-CADCAM and LAN of design room was installed
Qct.2000 New head office and mold making shop (480u)was built.
350-ton capacity injection machine were added to make product sampling easy.
Establishment Apr.1947
Firm Name Inagaki Plastic Mold Co., Ltd.
Capital 10.5million yan (approx 4 million peso)
Representative Yoshio Inagaki


Office Location  3-6-33 Toyoda Suruga-ku Shizuoka City ,422-8027,Jpan
Business Plastic Injection mold manufacturing 
Banks Shizuoka Bank, Shizuoka Shinkin Bank
Tel. 054-281-3605
Fax 054-281-3606

Business View and Outline

The Japanese mold industry has been leading the world in quality and efficiency

Our company upholds high standards in quality and efficiency in manufacturing plastic injection molds for the auto industry. We provide the molds for our clients who are making: rear view mirrors, meters, panels, ventilators, and etc. for TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA, SUZUKI MOTORS and other auto makers.

We believe in global development in order to meet the demands of time, quality and cost.

General Process Flow

Sales Engineering----2D Mold Design----3D Modelling----CAM----Machining----EDM--------Mold Assembly and Finishing

Business Organization

 Management and Sales Section:                         4 persons

 Design Section:                                                  9 persons

2D Mold design-------------- 2 persons

           3D Modeling & CAM------- 5 persons

           3D Modeling Cebu Phils.-- 2 persons

  Machining Section:                                           9 persons

              2D CAM Milling data------- 2 persons

              Machining Center, EDM & WEDM- 7 persons

  Finishing Section:                                           11 persons

What's new

 2007 Employment of 2 talented engineers from Cebu, Philippines..
 2006 EDM Makino EDNC85 was installed.Mr. Takehiro Inagaki from the Sales Section, trains and studies for a year at M2M International Ltd., in Canada.


Employment of 1 Chinese and 1 Filipino for machining and design. Machining Center for High-Spindle (Makino V56) was installed.

April2004 Machining center for High-spindle (Makino V33) was installed 
Mar.2003 Web Worker was adopted for large capacity data transmission.
Mar.2003 The establishment of the production control system

Establishment of 3D CAD Office in Cebu, Philippines, named “Inagaki Mold Design” with Engr. Neil Pepito as manager.

Jun.2002 Expansion of Design Room
May.2002 We got the cooperation of Mr. Sakamoto  from CIPC , and employed Mr.Neil Pepito.
Mar.2002 Machining center for Graphite (Makino SNC64) was installed 
Mar.2002 2units 3D-CADCAM TOOLS were installed
Feb.2002 Sodic Wirecut was installed
Oct.2001 3D-CADCAM TOOLS was installed


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